SHIFT: Sustainable HIV Financing In Transition Programme       

 SHIFT is a collaboration between APCOM, APCASO and the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations to deliver Asia’s first ever project aimed at improving HIV financing in countries whose economic development is limiting their eligibility for international aid. Through research, education, advocacy and capacity development, the project is helping HIV advocates in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Thailand to be more effective at securing HIV programme funding from their respective national governments. APCOM is responsible for strategic information and communications.


PULSE Asia Survey

Our PULSE initiative is a research, advocacy and capacity building project to improve HIV services for young MSM in the greater Mekong region of South East Asia by improving the quality of epidemiological and behavioural data about young MSM. The centerpiece of the initiative is three surveys over three years which APCOM will oversee in partnership with community organisations, researchers and health authorities in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. We’re asking questions about sexual partners and practices, risk behaviors, knowledge of and access to HIV prevention, testing and treatment, and other issues related to drug use, mental health, and the impact of discrimination and bullying.



Our TestBKK initiative is leading the way across the region in terms of raising awareness about HIV testing, treatment and prevention (including PrEP) among young MSM. Now in its fifth year, the program uses culturally appropriate content to target young MSM in Bangkok through social media, online advertising and event-based initiatives. The initiative also includes an online booking system for local HIV testing clinic. TestBKK is also used as an innovation platform to trial new ideas and approaches for other similar campaigns in cities across Asia.


Through our TestXXX programme we collaborate with various HIV and MSM focused community organisations in Asian cities with high HIV prevalence to raise awareness about HIV testing, treatment and prevention among young MSM. Modelled on our TestBKK initiative, our TestXXX partners also use social media, online advertising and event-based initiatives to promote information and content that’s appealing for young MSM.


Our Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme is a community systems strengthening initiative aimed at reducing the impact of HIV on MSM and transgender people in South Asia by building the knowledge and skills of local HIV and community health workers. Countries involved in the programme include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Hundreds of workers throughout South Asia have been assisted through this programme over the last two years.


PrEP MAP is a new digital resource that aims to generate awareness about and advocacy for PrEP in Asia and the Pacific. Through this initiative, we’re building a website that will house information about PrEP, how to access PrEP in selected countries in Asia and the Pacific, and how community members can help advocate for improved access to PrEP. We’ll be launching the new portal in mid-2018. We’ll also be developing a range of promotional content to assist with community engagement



Our WISDOM project provides technical assistance around knowledge management to community organisations in Indonesia, The Philippines, Cambodia and Laos to help improve their access to social services through advocacy and political participation. In addition to training workshops, the programme helps participants to create concrete action plans to best reflect the learning and skills developed during the project. Our country partners are: KHANA (Cambodia), Lao Positive Health Association (Laos), Yayasan Gaya Dewata (Indonesia) and TLF Share (Philippines).


This project in being produced by APCOM in collaboration with Youth Voices Count. IGNITE! Is a youth-led mentorship programme which aims to create the next generation of MSM and transgender advocates across Asia and the Pacific and to help them better represent the needs of young MSM and transgender people. 10 mentees from across the region are participating in this two-year course of workshops, meetings and small-scale country projects around the region to provide participants with valuable real-world experiences and significantly develop their knowledge, skills and networks.